In Defense Of Supermodels

There's a humor spam about "The Wit And Wisdom of Supermodels." It featured things like Tyra Banks saying, "I'm not anorexic, I'll stop a shoot in the middle if I'm hungry and eat a cracker. " So they say stupid things. I say stupid things, and I am actually paid to not be stupid. Blaming them for saying stupid things is like blaming me for sitting around in a chair all day eating food and not exercising.

Wanna pick on someone for saying stupid things? Pick on politicians. Supermodels aren't rocket scientists. They don't have to be. They look good in clothes. It's their job. They're hired to be more attractive than a million other people, and for nothing else. University profs, on the other hand, are actually more inclined to say stupid things, with less excuse.

Besides which, if you spend that much time in front of reporters and people, something stupid is going to slip out.

Just a quick thought.

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