Bicurious Delenda Est

I'm here to talk about a silent, secret plague. One that creeps through our streets, our schools, our classified ads. The Bi-curious.

I have several friends who have fallen to this plague. "Bi-curious" can mean one of several things: Bisexual but gutless. Teases. PC posers. Whatever. It all comes down to the same thing: they want to experiment. They want plausible deniability. And they don't give a shit about the person they are experimenting with. Some may say this isn't my fight; I'm straight, that's simple, I don't understand the stresses of a different lifestyle. I say, it's my fight when you start playing yo-yo with my friends' hearts, bodies, brains. Bi-curious means that you seek out people of your own gender, that you find attractive for whatever reason, then you get scared and back out. Before, during, after. One of my friends went to bed with a bi-curious woman who freaked out and stopped talking to her. Then this woman wrote an article for the school paper, basically, on "Why I am so cool for being a lesbian, and why you aren't because you aren't." I went on a flying trapeze once and freaked out. I didn't write an article about how I am an acrobat.

So what can we DO about this? If you're gay, or bi, DON'T BE A GUINEA PIG! Don't let people weasel out on you. Bi-curious? Tell 'em to come back when they're sure. The sanity you save might be your own.

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