Secrets of Mountain Dew

Like most of my friends, I have occasionally read the ingredients of Mountain Dew. Pretty much everyone says the same thing: "Brominated Vegetable Oil?" I decided to get to the bottom of this. Having several friends with degrees in various chemistries, I asked one of them:

> Subject: Mountain Dew
> Why would someone want to brominate vegetable oil? And if they did such
> a thing, why would they want to put it in Mountain Dew?
> -Disturbed in New Jersey
He passed the question on to one of HIS friends, who sent the following reply:

Bromo esters (instead of (partially) hydrogenated vegetable oils) are well known to increase the carbon dioxide solubility (less polar than water). Putting them in would keep fizz in longer and the "fruit tastes" are often also nonpolar compounds. I think that if you read the label of most "fruit sodas" (i.e. squirt, slice, surge) there is some kind of ester in them. In terms of organic syn. halogenate first, ester second.

Of course, that's off the top of my head.


[ed: Surge does NOT contain brominated vegetable oil. . .anyone else think it's a little flat?]

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