Biff! Pow! Angst!

White Wolf just came out with "Aberrant", their superhero game. It's actually not bad. It's an evolution of the WW game system beyond the Bauhaus T-shirt.

White wolf games are pretty much all the same:

It's kind of weird seeing it adapted to superheros. Unlike Werewolf ("You fail a willpower check and go berserk") or Vampire ("You fail a willpower check and commit an atrocity") the "willpower" rules in this are just sorta . . .leftovers. You fail a willpower test, wander off and start reading the back of the cereal box. On the other hand, there's a good reason for the "normal people are insects" thing; if you look at the superhero genre, normal people ARE insects. They're there to be protected or threatened, not to make a difference.

It also filched a lot from Underground, the late, lamented vietnam-vet/superhero/social satire game which gave us cannibal fast-food, the game where you could sell your brain for use as a hard drive (Replacement was free. You were dumb, but happy. Guaranteed.), the game where a 20mm gun was a "light pistol". Unfortunately, the White Wolf guys seem to have missed some of the satirical aspects.

So, the question comes up: Did I like it? I'd have to say yes. It's got a lot of comic book background, the rule system has been tweaked somewhat, and it seems to be fun. They lightened up a lot since "Vampire: The Grim Black Miserable Angst-Ridden Continued Existence." It seems to work.

A White Wolf game worth buying. . .who'd have expected it?

UPDATE: I've actually started a campaign with it, and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that. Thumbs up, I say.

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