The Awful Truth About RPG's

My Fellow Geeks:

There's a couple of brief facts I feel compelled to share.

1. Reading about other people's characters is like hearing about other people's children.

2. Reading about other people's adventures is like hearing about other people's vacations. With pictures.

3. Chances are, you had to be there.

These three things explain why so many people think gamers are spazzes, freaks and mutants. Because 90% of the time, in trying to explain why gaming is cool, it turns into a war story about how you kicked the demon in the crotch, or how cool your elven fighter/theif is. Which is fine if you're talking to another gamer. They took that vacation too, they have kids of their own, whatever. Nongamers don't get it. Ever have someone show you a three inch by five inch picture of the Grand Canyon in an attempt to explain how spectacular it is? Same thing.

Just tell them you worship Satan and crawl around abandoned buildings with butcher knives. It sounds cooler than sitting around a table throwing dice, writing on little pieces of scratch paper, and arguing over obscure rules, anyhow.

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