A Spell Or Two

Ars Magica is a great game. Not only does it let you create your own spells, it practically requires it. If you don't know what it is, go here and find out. Here are a couple of latest treats from House Bonisagus. Some of these are inspired by the inadequate ranges of our favorite defensive spells (Ball of Abysmal Flame, 15 paces; Pilum of Fire, 10 or less with any effect; Invocation of Lightning, 15 paces) which, compared to a good archer, put the Order at a terrible disadvantage. Some were inspired by the ineffeciency of current spells. Some were just fun.

Eve's Consequence MuAn, L25. Range Far, Target Small, Duration Mom. Terram requisite.
This spell turns a leather belt (including tongue and any studs) into a live snake wrapped around the target's waist, poisonous if a Perdo requisite is used. This usually comes as a surprise and a morale-breaker. The spell is so named because, if Eve hadn't eaten the apple, we wouldn't need belts.

Conjuration of the Unsupported Keystone CrTe, L30. Range Far, Target special, Duration Sun. Aimed -3
This creates a 300 lb. granite keystone 20 cubits (five heights of a tall man) in the air, over the target. It's about a foot by a foot by a foot and a half, if anyone cares. This takes a second and a half to fall. The magnitude is high not only due to the greater range but to the unnaturality of creating stone in midair, where it does not belong. The stone is modeled on the keystone of an arch in the Tower of London. Damage is +25. I feel that a shorter duration was inappropriate for a material like granite.

Crack the Mortal Bone PeCo 20
Similar to Cripple the Howling Wolf, but for mundanes. Slightly less lethal, as the bone will heal with time.

Myryddon's Fireapples MuHe, L5, Range Touch, Target Small, Dur Sun/Inst.
This gives an ordinary apple the spiciness of a jalapeno-style pepper, without destroying the apple's ordinary taste (it's in there somewhere.) This trivial-seeming spell has one reason for existing as a formulaic spell: the vis-boosted duration of Instant means that the apple seeds will grow into trees that produce such apples naturally. This will, in 20 years or so, provide a booming spice trade with a product that grows strongly in northern climes. It is recommended that the trade product be fireapple brandy or thoroughly dried fireapples, lest some clever trader start a competing grove.

Nux Vomitas PeCo, L15, Range Near, Target Ind/Group, Dur Special
This causes incapacitating vomiting. The duration of the episode is as long as vomiting normally lasts (at least a minute without any action being possible.) It is resisted on a Stm roll of 8+ . Even if the primary Stm roll is made, the nausea has the effect of one Fatigue level.

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