What Is Too Geeky?

There are many flavors of geek. The internet, by its nature, focusses on computer geeks, but there is a wide and wonderful variety. Some things are just too geeky. My collaborators and I are leading by example. All of these things were either dome by or witnessed by me or one of the following people:

Steve Rielley, Helen Rallis, Catherine Moroney, Jose Lastres, and Charlie Argila.

32 signs that you may be too geeky:

0. You have data taped to your refrigerator.
1. You've ever discussed a dissection, operation or other far-beyond-the pale activity at a meal and not realized that it would bother people.
2. You have Cat. 5 wiring under the floor of your home.
3. You have had more computers than furniture to put them on, so you improvised a table from the bodies of obsolete computers.
4. Radio Shack sent you a birthday card.
5. You only put 1/3 of the screws into your friend's waterbed because it was "way over-engineered."
6. You did a calculation which was beyond the capabilities of your scientific calculator.
7. You used the phrases "Phase constant" and "Breast" in the same sentence.
8. You have made a joke about an irrational [or imaginary] number other than pi.
9. You ever got drunk and tried to do higher math for any reason.
10. You got drunk at college and threw up in the science library.
11. "I've got an elective. . .maybe I'll take Advanced Statistical Mechanics."
12. It occurred to you, while daydreaming in class, how easy it would be to build a virus that would wipe out all vertebrate life on earth.
13. You conversationally mentioned how easy it is to build an atomic bomb and someone left the conversation early.
14. Your lab coat got taken away for 6 months because it had too many radioactive isotopes spilled on it.
15. You know more than one joke about the inventor of a computer language or a famous mathematician. [that's more than one joke about the same one; one Gauss joke and one Wirth joke don't count. Two jokes about Kernigan and Ritchie would count, however. ]
16. You used the phrase "e to the minus i theta" or variant, and you weren't specifically discussing schoolwork or paid work.
17. You still have an Amiga.
18. You have heard the "Adders need a log table to multiply" joke more than once.
19. There is a creature, protein, device, or algorithm with your name on it .
20. You know what everything in your shampoo is, why it's there, and what it would cost to buy in bulk from Fisher.
21. Owning a Star Trek uniform. Period.
22. Trying to scavenge an obsolete mainframe.
23. Still having a photo of your first electronics project for school.
24. Leaving a party early to count larvae. . .more than once.
25. Reading reference material [eg encyclopedias] front to back.
26. You get more christmas cards from vendors than you do from friends and family.
27. Emailing a friend to ask what 0 to the 0th power is "because it came up in conversation."
28. You've ever done hydrodynamic density tricks with your coffee.
29. You ever blew the circuit breakers for an entire wing of the electrical engineering building.
30. You have VCR footage of you doing science things.
31. "I can't remember the last time I was up 'till 4 AM and it wasn't for work."

Wanna know what 0 to the 0th power is? ask me!


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