With help from Steve Rielley
Here's a new spell for Advanced Pits and Lizards.

Wizard, L4
Components: V,S,M
Casting: 2 seg
Save: neg.
Range: 12"+1/2"/level
Type: Conjuration/Summoning
Duration: 1 round.
This temporarily creates an 224 lb. anvil(marked "200") moving with great speed in the direction of someone particular. It moves with arrow-like speed; damage 1d8/level of caster with a 12d8 limit. It is considered a normal attack, so will not affect creatures only hit by magic weapons, etc. A save (dex bonuses apply) will indicate that the anvil missed entirely, with appropriate consequences for whatever is behind the target. Size and distance also affect the saving throw: a dragon at a range of 10 feet would be at -4, whereas a mouse at 90 feet would be at +4.

This might seem to be an underpowered spell at first glance; it only affects one target, with a normal weapon, and saves negate damage. However, the gruesome, crunching damage and rapid casting should make up for that.

This was invented by a conjuror attempting to settle a bet with a proponent of the lightning bolt. It's a really elegant piece of spellwriting.

The material component is a bit of scale (the flakes that come off a hard-struck piece of hot iron) from a smithy.

Rules Law:
The anvil will not go transonic.
The anvil will disappear at the end of the round.
An anvil is approx 18" high by 2.5'long by 5" wide. It has about a 1% chance of going through a generous arrow slit.
The path of the anvil is from (up to 1/2" per level) up to 12" in a straight line out from the caster to the target, which must be detected. You can't use it to play "find the invisible thief."
Anvils ricochet off stone walls, heavy targets, etc. in an unpredictable manner. Unless the target is in a crowd, figure it probably does no additional harm except in cases where it would entertain the DM. Anvils do not shatter.
Using an anvil to shoot an object out of someone's hand is messy and ill-advised, but hypothetically possible.
The anvil is not necessarily launched horn first.
It'll probably do the job on a door (rowboat, stained-glass window, etc.).
Don't even try to parry it. It has about the momentum of a Harley on an icy highway.
You cannot start the anvil inside something solid. The spell will backlash (DM's are advised to show no mercy; if your imagination fails, just give 'em double damage to themselves.)
The anvil appears travelling at speed; you cannot attach an anvilgram to it as it goes by.
It's not any particular person's anvil (except, perhaps, the recipient's.)
It doesn't get uncomfortably hot from atmospheric friction.
The anvil is unguided.


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